UPSC MPPSC Interview Preparation


UPSC MPPSC Interview Preparation

Interview is the milestone phase after Mains exam from where the life of the  candidate is transformed.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Civil Services Academy is dedicated to helping aspirants prepare for the UPSC and MPPSC Interviews. We provide comprehensive training and guidance to help the student understand the nuances of the interview process and how to best prepare for it. Our faculty consists of experienced professionals who have gone through the same process, so we can provide valuable insight into what works and what doesn't. We also provide mock interviews, practice sessions, and other resources to help students hone their skills. With Shaheed Bhagat Singh Civil Services Academy's help, aspirants can be sure that they are well-prepared for their upcoming UPSC or MPPSC Interviews.

SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH CIVIL SERVICES ACADEMY (SBS),Indore is launching Free MPPSC 2020 comprehensive interview program

🛑The batch starts from 3rd April 2023
🛑Features of the batch:

âś…DAF Discussion
âś…Personality Development/Body Language Improvement Classes

âś…15 mock interview
âś…Feedback by the interview panel post preference detail and discussion
âś…video interview

UPSC MPPSC Interview Preparation