Features of Interview

Interview is the milestone phase after Mains exam from where the life of the candidate is transformed. Our interview program is well designed to make the candidate comfortable & confident.The main features of interview program can be observed with the given points.

  • What is interview,Its Aims & expectation. + Mock interview(4-5 session)
  • Discussion on DAF. + Mock Interview (2 session)
  • Hobby: Interrogation or interview. + Mock Interview (5 session)
  • Discussion on decision making. + Mock Interview (5 session)
  • Sessions on personality development + Mock Interview. (20-25 session)
  • Session on Important topic based on political, social,economical,cultural & geographical importance based on Madhya pradesh. + Mock Interview (12 session)
  • Session on stagnant topic like povery,unemployment,illiteracy (women education) etc. + Mock Interview(10 session)